Activists of Mashtots Park may announce hunger-strike

If Yerevan municipality does not remove the kiosks from the Mashtots Park till March 13 activists threaten to announce timeless hunger-strike.

NGO representatives, ecologists and activists protect the park for already 28 days.  

Activist of the initiative group “We are the masters of this city” Gor Hakobyan told that there is such plan and on March 13 it will be announced officially.

Court decision will be presented on Saturday and the decision of the hunger-strike depends on it. “We will fulfill the motto “Civil independent and just court” and the problems of social interest will be studied during it”, the activist told and added that Mashtots Park application against the municipality will also be discussed.

Hakobyan said that the activists will try to protect civilian rights in this way as it is impossible to do in Armenian courts.

“When the citizens applied to the court for the Students’ Park and Teghut they were told that there is no right to apply to the court if it not one’s personal problem”, the activist underlined.

During those 28 days activists have organized various events in the Park and hosted many guests there.

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