S. Sargsyan opened 13th Republican Convention

13th conference of Armenian Republican Party is started. Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan delivers a welcoming speech at the conference.

“We are national conservative party, which is the master of our rights and is responsible for fulfillment of the national wishes”, S. Sargsyan said.

Referring to the members of the conference head of the country said: “Conference of Armenian Republican Party has already become one of the most important events of our social-political life.”

President noted that RPA is the leading force in our country and has managed to protect Armenia from shakes and collapses for many times. “Many things have changed in Armenia during this term. The inner challenges are changed, the problems and the whole economical-social system has changed. But Republican continues doing its work without any noise. ”

S. Sargsyan underlined that in coming elections they will present a group of people who intend to get the national confidence and create a government.

“May be some will not like this and they are unable to coincide with the national idea which has got national vote. But this is a fact and it can only assist Armenia”, he underlined.

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