S. Sargsyan: “We develop abilities to stand against the new challenges”

Armenia must have a complete participation and investment in the regional and international processes. Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan announced about this during the 13th conference of Armenain Republican Party.

“On 2007 Armenian Republican Party again won at the Parliamentarian election with the motto “For you, ArmeniaArmenia was the main value of all our actions during these years. We have developed our country by all spheres for already five years. And it is a fact for all main spheres of the policy”, said the leader of the country. He added that the same motto was also used during the relations with other countries.  

“Yes, Armenian foreign politics has logical continuing, clear position and decisiveness. We have always been responsible and predictable member of the international society and we always realize the international responsibilities which we have. We realize that everything in the world is changeable but not static. Changes in our complicated region may develop too fast. Hence, we develop our ability to stand against those challenges and possibilities. We must express our character in order not to react every time”, Sargsyan underlined.

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