S. Sargsyan: “Armenian-Turkish relations had two ways: the second way showed many important points”

Normalization process between Armenia and Turkey had two ways of development just from the beginning. First way was accepted for the international society and for Armenia but the events did not develop in that way. Armenian-Turkish border is still closed. Armenian President announced about this during the 13th conference of Armenian Republican Party.

At the same time he noted that the second way of the events was also very important for some reasons.

“First, the last developments showed clearly that international process of the Armenian Genocide recognition has been strengthened and the second, the whole world saw that the problem of Armenian-Turkish relations is in Ankara or in another capital which always involves itself in the process, but everyone saw that the problem is not in Yerevan. And the third, Turkey had to sign an international document which excludes any precondition for the relations’ normalization”, head of the country noted.

President underlined that this example proves that Armenian foreign policy is principal and calculated. “We will further follow this way as well. We will continue fulfilling our international responsibilities and we will use every measure to push our national interests”, he ensured.

Referring to the international recognition of Armenian Genocide Armenian President said: “The denial of Armenian Genocide is just the continuation of the crime which was committed on the end of last age.”

S. Sargsyan noted that the process of Armenian Genocide international recognition is continued in the whole world due to efforts by Armenia and Armenian Diaspora. “We have a clear application to the whole countries and nations: denial of Armenian Genocide is just the direct continuation of the crime committed on the end of previous age. It continues just now. It is continued just by denying the obvious fact. Armenians and the whole humanity has a task to stop the crime”, he noted.

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