S. Sargsyan: “Let us change our country to better”

“Today it is obvious for me that we must be changed in order not to be late. Otherwise we will be late both as the nation and the state”, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan announced about this during the 13th conference of Armenian Republican Party. In this context he remembered the well-known quote by Armenian classic poet Paruyr Sevak who said “we have no right to be late from the train or plane of the history”.

“Now it is historical time for our nation to decide and choose a way which is closer to us: bad habits which he have got from the past or the newest developments of the civilization. And our great thinkers also have been in the roots of this civilization. I have made my decision for me. And I am sure that we will win and will increase the number of our friends in the world.”

During the speech Armenian President ensured that the changes have no alternative and the belief is the guarantee for it. “Let us believe and change our country. Let us change our psychology and attitude towards Armenian state. Let us change our behavior in the street, working place, university. Let us change those people who are not in their places. Let us change our laws and lead them to the ideal. Let us change the culture of inner struggle. Let us change and get our street, ministry, university, village and city, parliament and yard. Let’s make them better. As soon as they are not changed they do not belong to us. If you do not believe in your deputy, so you have no deputy, if you do not believe in the court, so you have no court, if you do not believe in your country, so you have no country. By this self-denial we have made great ruins just in our own house. This way will lead us to nowhere. Let us believe in order to change.”

President also underlined that the time needs permanent feeding.

On the conclusion of the speech S. Sargsyan once more called everyone in the country, elders and juniors, workers and scientists, everyone to believe and to change the country to the better.

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