N. Sarkozy evoked the “wounded memory of the Armenians”

In front of more than 50,000 people, French President Nicolas Sarkozy evokes the “wounded memory of the Armenians”.

On Sunday, March 11, the president-candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, campaigning for presidential elections in 2012, told the meeting in Villepinte its position relative to the support of the Armenian people. Armenian-French journalist informs about this fromParis. Referring to a quote from André Malraux (culture minister of General de Gaulle): “France is France when she fights for others”, he said: “France must be on the side of peoples, of the freedom, of the justice. TodayFrancemust be with the Syrian people. The murderers must be held accountable.Francewill be uncompromising in defense of Israel‘s security. She will defend the principle of a Palestinian state. She will defend gender equality, religious freedom, the right of Eastern Christians to live in peace. That’s why I defend the wounded memory, of the Armenians, that of the French overseas marked by slavery. “

Before the President’s speech, many personalities supported the candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy, as Alain Terzian, film Producer and President of Cesar’s Academy.

This meeting was broadcast in live on several television channel in France.

On January 23 French Senate accepted the bill of criminalization the Armenian Genocide denial. According to the bill the one who denies Armenian Genocide publicly will be fired with 45.000 Euros and will be sentenced with a year. French deputy Valerie Boyer is the author of the bill.

But French Constitutional Council announced that the bill was anti Constitutional and may not be used. N. Sarkozy promised that another bill will be worked out, but he will hardly manage to do it till May when his term is over.

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