RPA vice chairmen are known

On March 11 newly-elected council of the Armenian Republican Party held the session and RPA vice chairmen were elected during the session. As henarana.m informs now RPA chairman will five deputies instead of three. Hovik Abrahamyan, Tigran Sargsyan, Razmik Zohrabyan, Galust Sahakyan and Armen Ashotyan are RPA vice chairmen now.  

Remind that RPA council staff was decided during the RPA 13th Convention which took place on March 10. The RPA council staff includes 19 members and the council staff is also expanded now. It includes 132 members instead of 118.

Chairmen of the RPA commissions were re-elected during the session as well. Mushegh Lalayan is the head of the ideology commission, Hovik Abrahamyan will lead the political commission, Ruben Tadevosyan will chair organizing commission, Karen Avagyan is re-elected as the chairman of youth council and Hermine Naghdalyan will chair the women’s council.

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