T. Akcam: “Christians in Turkey are in danger”

Turkish historian and sociologist Taner Akcam gave an interview to Turkish Taraf daily. During the interview he also spoke about the protest action devoted to “Khojalu genocide” which took place in Istanbul, Taksim Square. During the protest the participants held Fascism posters and sounded mottos. As the Turkish historian underlined Turks must face with those events which are connected with Christians otherwise Turkey will never become more democratic.

“100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide is coming and the leading “Justice and development” party shows that it can use Fascism. If you press me, I will use Khojalu and Azerbaijani issue”, T. Akcam considers that this is the message of the action. He advised to look a glance to the deeper past before they would refer to Khojalu.

“First of all a citizen named Hrant Dink was killed in that state. People who were accused in his murder were protected by the authorities. 10 days before the Khojalu meetings the municipality supporters spread posters with a note ”do not believe in Armenians’ lies”,” he said. According to Akcam those posters also spread hatred against Armenians.

“Then a protest action took place with the participation of the Ministry of Inner Affairs. Participants called we all are Ogyut Samasts and they claimed those “who all are Hrant Dinks”, Turkish historian says and asks: “If there were posters in Berlin with a note “do not believe in Turkish lies” what would he do”?

Answering to the question which the main meaning of the protest action devoted to Khojalu was in real, the historian said: “The action showed that Armenian citizens are not in safe in Turkey. Minister of Inner Affairs of the state is responsible for the security of Armenian citizens as well but he participates in an action which says “the blood will not remain on the ground”. This means that Christians in Turkey are in danger”.

Note every year Azerbaijan uses “Khojalu events” as a measure of propaganda against Armenians. But Azerbaijani fake myths on the issue are mostly discovered and the world has already seen that Azerbaijani authorities have just used “Khojalu events” as a measure to get authority and now it used as a measure to spread hatred against Armenians.

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