Iranian agency is surprised: why Iran assists Azerbaijani Government?

Relations between Iran and Azerbaijan become worse especially during the last time. The relations become worse on various spheres including cultural, political aspects.

Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is going to give 1.200.000 million USD of grand to Azerbaijani Government.

As informs Iranian “Taqnab” news agency expressed its dissatisfaction towards the decision.

Iranian source condemns the initiative by Iranian MFA: “Azerbaijan did not refuse to make anti Iranian propaganda during 15 years. Azerbaijan is included in cooperation with Israel and fulfills anti Iranian activities in this context. Azerbaijani side also assists the separation actions against Iranian territorial integrity. Azerbaijani media and text-books make anti-Iranian propaganda and despite of this fact Iranian MFA is going to present such great assistance towards the Baku dictatorial regime”.  

On the end of the article the author calls on the Iranian deputies of Milli Mejlis to find out the reasons of assisting Baku authorities.

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