Problems of Armenians in Javakh is discussed with various European officials

On March 5 coordinator of council of Armenian non-governmental organizations of Samtskhe-Javakhk, head of the A-info news agency Artak Gabrielyan has left for Europe to hold some political and community meetings.

As A-info agency informs Artak Gabrielyan was in Brussels on March 6 and he had official meetings with European Parliament and the representatives of other organizations of the EU. Hay Dat European Bureau assisted A. Gabrielyan’s visit to Brussels.

On March 6 A. Gabrielyan had a meeting with EP vice chairman Ierohos Papastamqos, Trayan Winkureanu and Andrey Kovachev.

On March 7 A. Gabrielyan has private meetings with EP members Charles Tanok, Yiri Mashtalqa, Christopher Lisek, Yevkeni Kirilov, Yannis Casulidis and Miroslav Ransdorf.

On March 8 he continued his private meetings with the EP members.

On March 9 A. Gabrielyan visited the center residence of the European Friends of Armenia and had a meeting with the chairman of the organization Michael Comeback. On the same day he visited the center of the EU foreign affairs and met the responsible for the Georgian issues.

During all his meetings A. Gabrielyan presented the statement by the council of Armenian non-governmental organizations of Samtskhe-Javakhk. The statement presents the problems which Armenians in Javakhk have and presents also the claims by Armenians to settle those problems.

The statement claims to stop the pressure to change the demographic image of the region, to improve the conditions of Armenians in Javakhk.

On March 9 Artak Gabrielyan left for France and the meetings are continued here. He has held some meetings with the representatives of Armenian Community in France.

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