Kh. Qoqoberyan considers the alliance with “Heritage” party is possible

Negotiations on the possible alliance with ”Heritage” party are in the process now. Chairman of the political party “Free democrats” Khachatur Qoqobelyan announced today during the meeting with the journalists.

“I think all of you knows what takes place between us and Heritage party. We have held negotiations and there are some issues where we have the same attitude. I will do my best and I hope that we will manage to have opportunity to be presented jointly”, Qoqobelyan noted.

According to him before this all alliances between the parties were just artificial and aimed only to enter to the Parliament. “I consider that there are people in “Free democrats” and in “Heritage” who do not have such a problem. I myself have never aimed to get a mandate. Be sure if I had such aim I had many opportunities before and I could use them”, leader of the “Free democrats” announced about this.

Speaker also underlined that the joint proportional list is not decided yet and he did not know yet who would be included in it. Answering to the question whether Qoqobelyan was ready to give up the first place to Raffi Hovhannisyan, the speaker answered: “Yes, I am ready to give up and I consider that Raffi Hovhannisyan is the political figure who must lead the list”.

Leader of the “Free democrats” also called on all opposition forces to struggle against electoral falsifications jointly. “The opposition has the only task to settle during the elections and it will done jointly. The trusted persons must be concentrated and the supervision must be fulfilled jointly”.

The leader of the party also offered the same forces to present candidates at nearly all electoral territories despite of the lack of human resources.

“Unfortunately the electoral falsifications are discussed before the elections and they are the subject of the discussions after the elections as well, but there is no appropriate supervision during the elections. The lack of resources is a reason. If the opposition manages to provide 5-10 trusted persons in every electoral territory it would change the results of the elections”, Qoqoberyan said.

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