CSTO Secretary General underlined the importance of Armenian security

We have an aim to increase CSTO role as one of the important compounds of our security”. Arthur Baghdasaryan, secretary of Armenian National Security Council announced about this during the joint press-conference with CSTO Secretary General Nicolay Bordyuzha.

He presented the details of the negotiations with Bordyuzha and noted that they have discussed the new planning system which will give more opportunities to increase the organization’s role and meaning.

“We have decided to continue the process and we hope that we will manage to present the new planning doctrine soon. Those documents have important strategic meaning for Armenia”, A. Baghdasryan underlined.

NSC Secretary also informed that CSTO will organize large military exercises on autumn in Yerevan.

“During these military exercises the departments of the member countries will be able to show their joint skills. Joint military exercises are the best version to show the high level of the cooperation”, A. Baghdasaryan said.

N. Bordyuzha noted in his turn that new documents by the CSTO will show the way of the further development of the organization and Armenia as well. “This all is good but we also must answer to the question which is expected in future and what to do to provide Armenian complete security. This is the aim of my visit to Armenia”.

CSTO Secretary General also informed that nearly all documents of the organizations are first discussed and worked out in Armenia as the leaders of the country have a serious attitude towards the security issue.

Armenia has created the own Armed Forces during the last twenty years and has a great cadres potential. I would not be able to remember another country where the President and leadership are engaged in security issues so seriously. Really many things are done and the most important point is there is something with which we can compare the results”, N. Bordyuzha said.

Referring to the issue of the volume of Azerbaijani armament N. Bordyuzha noted that it is of course their right but “it is not a right policy by a republic which is in the peace negotiations process”.

A.Baghdasaryan noted in his turn that due to the last some actions Armenia will also get contemporary weapons and not to be behind of Azerbaijan.

CSTO Secretary General also referred to the Syrian crisis during the press conference and said that they were eager to see the issue settled by the peace negotiations.

“All possible measures must be held. Just some hours ago an initial road map was created by the Syrian authorities and Russian MFA Sergey Lavrov. ”

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