A. Grigoryan: “Protest notes must be sent as a response to such announcements”

“Rector of the Tbilisi diplomatic academy Soso Tsintcadzeo made some anti Armenian announcements recently where he used offensive expressions about Armenian nation and also used false facts of the history. At the same time when Armenian activists, especially Shirak Torosyan, try to protect the rights of Armenians in Javakhk it is named as an anti Georgian action. After this Soso tries to make falsifications over the newest pages of Armenian history.” Chairman of the “Javakhk” union Atyush Grigoryan announced about this during the conversation with Times.am.

For confirming his words the activist presented a part of Georgian expert’s interview to the Azerbaijani media representatives.

“Azerbaijani application is necessary for Georgia to start to examine the issue f recognition of Khojalu Genocide. I think that much depends on Azerbaijani side now. We ourselves are the victims of the genocide and I think that Georgian Parliament will discuss this issue cautiously. And personally I think that of course genocide took place in Khojalu.”

According to the speaker if an Azerbaijani made such announcement it would be possible to understand.

“The losers spread disinformation and it is normal for them. But is Tsindzadze also a loser? I do not think so. He has just given himself to the Azerbaijanis. No one in Armenia has publicly spoken about the gentle issues for Georgia, for example, about South Osia and Abkhazia. We have kept the neutral attitude as we have taken into consideration Armenian-Georgian relations and some diplomatic norms”, A. Grigoryan in sure.

Head of the “Javakhk” union considers that Armenian side must pay attention to such announcements especially when those announcements are made for some times.

“Yes, it is possible that this attitude is not shared by the Georgian authorities but such announcements make moods in the society. And what is why Georgian people sometimes have anti Armenian hysterics. We have told many times and now we repeat that protest notes must be sent as a response to such announcements. And Armenian Embassy in Georgia must first be engaged in the issue”, the speaker concluded.

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