Armenian newspapers: the places in the pre-electoral lists

“Hayacq” newspaper writes that after including a group of journalists in the pre-electoral list Armenian Republican Party (RPA) now started work with the representatives of show business. “On the end of the week three-four singers will join RPA or will appear in the high places of the list without joining the party. Shushan Petrosyan will be the first of them. One from the family must be a deputy. As it is known Petrosyan’s aunt Alvard Petrosyan will not appear in Parliament in coming year”, the newspaper writes.

“It is told that Levon Ter-Petrosyan and Robert Qocharyan are types and it is not in vain. Both of them are brilliant revengers.” According to “Irates de facto” newspaper ANC leader tries to revenge those parties which left the Congress and refused to be presented at the coming elections jointly.

According to “168 hours” former NA speaker Tigran Torosyan, chairman of the “National agreement” Aram Harutyunyan and the chairman of “Powerful Motherland” Vardan Vardapetyan will also join “Prosperous Armenia” till  March 17. The “168 hours” did not manage to get any comments on the rumors from the noted people. According to the newspaper editor-in-chief of the “7 days” web-site Andranik Tevanyan will not be included in the “Prosperous Armenia” list.  

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