Armenian Ambassador had a range of meetings in Slovenia

On March 5-7 Armenian Ambassador Ruben Karapetyan was in Slovenia with a working visit. During the visit Ambassador Karapetyan participated in the official opening ceremony of Armenian consular in Ljubljana and also had some meetings there as well. Press and information department of RA MFA informs about this.

On March 5 Armenian Ambassador visited Slovenian MFA where the economical and political cooperation issues were discussed with the Slovenian officials.  

On March 6 Ruben Karapetyan met Slovenian NA speaker Gregor Virant who has been elected at this position on December 2011.

Ambassador discussed some possible ways of the inter parliamentarian relations’ developments. Both sides rated the activities of friendship groups in the Parliaments, bilateral visits and the cooperation in frame of the international organizations.

On the same day the acceptance was organized for the consular opening and Slovenian high level officials, diplomats from various countries, business and cultural activists attended the event.

Armenian Ambassador Ruben Karapetyan and Secretary General of Slovenian MFA Thomash Kunstell delivered speeches during the evening. 

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