After public trial the activists of Mashtots Park continue struggle

Events in Mashtots Park continue to develop actively. Today the first trial of the public judgment took place and the presents discussed the removal of the kiosks from the park. No one representative from the municipality came to the public trial, despite of the fact they were informed and they are considered to the answering side of this trial.

During the court trial the activists presented for the next time their arguments about the illegal placement of the kiosks in the Park. They announced that the last decision will be accepted on March 16.

“On March 15 Governmental session will take place. We hope that some changes on the issue will take place. But if there is no reaction from the Government we will announce about our decision and after it let the society decide how to treat with the kiosks and the park”, “chairman” of the trial, lawyer Arthur Grigoryan announced about this during the trial.

He also announced that if their claim is not fulfilled they would have to remove the kiosks themselves and to fulfill the public will. The ecologists will remain in the park till March 16.

Nearly an hour ago activists spread an announcement by Facebook social network, which especially says that they wanted to situate camps in the park, but the police forbade them. The activists ask everyone to join them in the park.

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