S. Sargsyan: “Today too we are being guided by Charents’s formula”

On the occasion of the 115th birth anniversary of Eghishe Charents, on March 13 Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan visited theCharents Museum, press service of Armenian President informs about this.

Along with the guests of the Museum, the President of Armenia toured the exhibition, familiarize with exposition named “Eghishe Charents: Series of Portraits”. The exposition presents portraits of the poet made by his contemporaries – M. Sarian, R. Ghazarian, A. Bazhbeuk-Melikian. At the Guest Book of the Museum, President Sargsyan made an inscription: “I have come to Charents’s beloved “Red House”. I came to express my admiration for this genius and to assure that today too we are being guided by his formula, “Oh, Armenian nation, your only salvation in your united strength.” His last book, the ”Book on the Road” had truly become a guide book for the people ofArmenia. It also became a book of council, advice, guide and urge for all of us. Charents himself remained a leader and a prophet born of our ancient nation’s spirit and collective history. We have been learning and will continue to learn from him as long as we exist. His presence is compelling,” President Serzh Sargsyan wrote. 

The scientific staff of the Museum presented Serzh Sargsyan with the “Charents-115” book which was published on the occasion of the poet’s 115th birth anniversary and 100th anniversary of his creative activities. 

On March 13 the collection of the personal things of the great poet has been augmented with another piece – the Museum has received his chessboard. 

Later, President Serzh Sargsyan attended the literary and music composition organized at the Charents Museum.

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