Armenian newspapers: lists of the parties will be announced soon

Despite of the fact March 22 is the deadline to present the proportional lists for parties for the parliamentarian elections “Yerkir” newspaper is sure that Armenian Republican Party (RPA), “Rule of Law”, Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) and “Heritage” will present the lists on the end of this week. RPA will announce list on Thursday, after the session. By the way the newspaper notes that many people are too troubled concerning that list and they were unable to cover their troubled faces even on the RPA Convention day. “Rule of Law” will announce the list on Friday. ARF will present the list on Saturday and “Heritage” will do it on Sunday. “Prosperous Armenia” will hold the session on March 17 but it will not announce the list this week.

“Hraparak” writes that on Sunday Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan will give partial cards during an event. According to the newspaper deputies Mkhitar Varagyan, Hakob Hakobyan and Victor Dallaqyan will get cards. Also were will be people who will appear in the proportional list of the party. Singer Shushan Petrosyan and journalist Margarit Yesayan are considered to be in the list.

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