Yerevan will have Indian Park soon

On March 14 Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan met Indian Ambassador to Armenia Achal Kumar Malhotra, press service of Yerevan municipality writes about this.

“Leading a historical city is a work full of challenges, so accept my congratulations and warm wishes on the nomination and as Yerevan Mayor”, Ambassador said and thanked for the acceptance.

Yerevan Mayor underlined high level of the Armenian-Indian relations and rated the importance to develop them.

Taron Margaryan noted that Yerevan was ready to develop relations with not only Deli but also with the other cities of India.

“I am sure that cooperation between Yerevan and Indian cities will have active continuation and I hope to get your assistance in it. I hope Armenian Ambassador to India will assist the development of the relations as well”, T. Margaryan underlined.

Ambassador Malhota also expressed his readiness to assist cooperation on educational, business and other spheres.

Ambassador also spoke about the plan to establish an Indian Park in Yerevan Malatsia-Sebastia community. Ambassador thanked for the territory which is presented for the park and underlined that it would be another proof of Armenian-Indian relations.

T. Margaryan said that Yerevan Municipality was ready to assist the programs to come true.

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