Mashtots Park activists applied to Tigran Sargsyan with open letter

Mashtots Park’s activists stayed at night in the park for the first time during a-month struggle. As we have already informed yesterday the activists held a public court trial yesterday on the kiosks removal and after it they have decided to put camps and stay in the park also in nights. So today they met first sunrise in the park.

Activists have also sent an open letter to Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan today. The message especially says:

“We have learnt on March 13 from the official web-site of Armenian Government that on March 15 the draft by Taron Margaryan named “About warrants for Yerevan Mayor” will be discussed during the session.

The third point of the draft says that according to the first point of the draft the kiosks in Mashtots Park must be removed not later than in coming three years and it will let fulfill the “Old Yerevan” constructing program”.

This draft proves that Yerevan local and Armenian executive authorities do not want to realize our claims concerning the park”.

They claim in the letter that the Mashtots Park is not appropriate place for the kiosks. They claim to remove the point of three years from the draft and to make immediate decision to remove the kiosks from the Park.

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