A. Sargsyan considers that his party has an alternative program

Head of Armenian Democratic Party Aram Sargsyan considers that one must act if he wants to change anything in the country. He announced about this during the press conference today. “I do not agree that it is impossible to change anything in the country as a result of the elections”, he said.

The speaker considers that no one political party will have complete majority in the coming parliament.

“I think that some changes in the coalition format will take place”, leader of the ADP considers.

Speaking about his party Sargsyan underlined, that non-partial representatives of the intelligence are included in his party. “A unique group is created where the party members and non-partial intellectuals are gathered”, the politician informed.

A. Sargsyan also said the Lenser Ahalovyan will have the second place in the party list. Chairwoman of the Assyrian Union Irina Gasparyan is also included in the list.

Speaking about the pre-electoral program of the party Sargsyan said that it is completely alternative.First of all the existing system must be changed.Principles based on the national values are needed”, the politician said.

Speaking about the priorities of the foreign policy he said: “My party considers that our relations must be developed withRussiaas much as it is possible and the relations with other countries must not damage relations with Russia”.

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