Armenian President sent letter of condolences to King Arthur II

On March 14 Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan sent a letter of condolences to Belgians’ King Arthur II on the terrible car crash which took place on March 13 inSwitzerland. The car crash caused death of more than twenty children and their guides. “I am deeply shaken with this tragedy and I condole deeply to You, to friendly Belgian nation and I wish strength to all those people who lost relatives in this terrible accident”, President’s message says.

As writes a tour bus carrying schoolchildren home from a class trip slammed head-on into a tunnel wall in the Swiss Alps, killing 22 Belgian students and six adults and instantly changing a joyous skiing vacation into a tragedy spanning two European nations.

Investigators were still trying to determine how a modern bus, a rested driver and a seemingly safe tunnel could produce one of the deadliest highway crashes in Swiss history.

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