Armenian newspapers today: pre-electoral campaign is started also in social networks

“Zhokhovurd” writes that the main political parties have already clarified who will be the first number of their lists. But Armenian Revolutionary Federation has no agreement on this issue. The discussions other proportional and majority lists are continued yet. According to the newspaper ARF has no clear leader and that is why they have this situation now. “Zhokhovurd” writes that Vahan Hovhannissyan, Armen Rostamyan and Hrant Margaryan may lead the list. The newspaper considers that Vahan Hovhannisyan has most chances to lead the proportional list.

Editor-in-chief of “Aravot” newspaper writes: “The electoral campaign is started and the candidates have already opened their boxes of promise. But the promises have different types.”

“Chorrord inqnishkhanutyun” writes that the youthful parts of some parties who are active in the social networks have already started the pre-electoral campaign also there. Armen Ashotyan and Samvel Farmanyan are especially active in this context.  

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