“Armavia” and “Zvartnots” seem to agree

“Armenia international airports” and Armenian national transporter “Armavia” Company have signed a bilateral profitable agreement. Chief manager of the “Armenia international airports” Marcello Vende announced about this during the press-conference today.
According to the manager of “Zvartnots” the sides managed to get an initial agreement according which “Armavia” must pay its debts part by part during March 31-September 1. The debt is completely 5.300.000 USD.
“We have agreed also on the new prices. The airport held this step to assist the national transporter”, the speaker of the conference said.
Commenting on the accusations by “Armavia“, according which the airport takes more money for the services the representative of the company said that such accusations were unacceptable.“This is the first case in whole world when the transporter has proclaims against the airport. Everywhere the expenses for the airport are a small part of the whole expenses and can have no significant influence on the whole business plan”.
Lawyer-adviser of the “Armenia international airports” Company Armen Ter-Tachatyan noted in his turn that if “Armavia” did not keep the points of the agreement, it would be cancelled. He did not exclude that if they did not manage to agree they would apply to the court.
Answering the question whether “Zvatnots” was ready to buy “Armavia” the representatives of the company said that they have not heart any official offer from “Armavia”. Referring to the possibility of reducing the prices of the air tickets the speakers said that prices of the airport are just 10-15 % of the ticket so their decision will not have any significant influence of the price of the tickets.
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