Historical castle of Kars is endangered to be destroyed

Outer walls of the Kars historical castle are going to ruins as a result of bad weather and because of the ignorance of the appropriate responsible bodies.

The residents of the territory alarm that if the walls and towers are now restored they will certainly be ruined. According to them it is not known why the castle is ignored and why it must go to ruins. Armenian tert.am writes about this referring to Turkish haberler news agency.

As the residents told Turkish media the walls started to break after the strong rain and snow.

“Rain and snow are the main reasons of the destruction as the snow caused big holes. And when the appropriate officials have ignoring attitude so the castle will be destroyed”, people proclaimed.

As the source informs many historical monuments have already been destroyed by the groups who are seeking for treasures here. The residents also confirmed that many monuments have been robbed or just destroyed. 

“Nothing was done to prevent it. Everything is robbed. Now just the remains can be seen”, they told.

The treasure seekers also destroyed the historical buildings.

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