G. Westerwelle: “German Government is ready to deepen relations with Armenia”

Armenpress.am news agency had an interview with German Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westervelle in frame of his visit to Armenia.

“It is not me who must discuss and comment on the decisions made by French courts. I am interested in normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations”, Mr. Minister said during the conversation answering to the question about the draft on criminalization of Armenian Genocide denial which was discussed and denied at French Constitutional Court recently. After the discussions of the resolution some German deputies also announced that German Bundestag might also discuss such a resolution. German Ministr was asked whether he considered it was possible for Germany to accept such a law and did he consider possible for Turkey follow German example and recognize the crime.

“The examination of the history must come from the inside and at first it must take place between the sides even if it is painful process and claims time”.

During the interview German MFA also spoke about Armenian-German relations. “I am happy for our relations. Germany is the second great donor country for Armenia after the USA and has been in close cooperation with Armenia since its independence. Our cooperation is very close, for example at the legal sphere. I think that it can become a key for Armenia to approach European Union. Minister of Justice of RA H. Tovmasyan launched this cooperation by his visit to Germany on the end of January. Nd now with my visit to Armenia I want to mark the 20th anniversary of Armenian-German relations and at the same time I want to underline German Government’s readiness to develop relations with Armenia”, G. Westervelle underlined.

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