Armenian newspapers today: will Putin welcome “Prosperous Armenia” convention?

“Yerkir” newspaper writes that sellers of “Petak” trade store applied to the editorial and told the following. “Head of the “Petak” store Mirzoyan called the workers and gave them some blanks. Each worker has to fill the blank with names of ten citizens. The director also warned that the one who does not give the filled blank back after three days they will not work at “Petak” any more. And those who will bring 30 votes for the RPA will continue their work in special conditions in “Petak”. The sellers also informed that the owner of “Petak” Varujean Grigoryan is the manager of the affairs of presidential residence.”

According to well-informed sources of “Zhokhovurd” newspaper RPA is going to discuss his proportional list on Saturday. May be they will not manage to end the discussions in a day and the session will be continued also on Sunday. At the same time the newspaper considers that RPA will refer to its list only after the session of “Prosperous Armenia” party. Yesterday RPA traditional session did not take place.

“Haykakan zhamanak” refers to its well-informed sources and writes that Gagik Tsarukyan wants Vladimir Putin to welcome the “Prosperous Armenia” convention which will take place at sport-concert complex on March 17, Saturday. The newspaper tried to find out anything from the speaker of Gagik Tsarukyan Khachik Galstyan. “I can not say anything about the welcoming speech by Putin”, he said. The newspaper also writes that the list of “Prosperous Armenia” will not be announced on the convention day.

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