Armenian police offers Mashtots Park activists to hold discussion together

Armenian Police released an announcement about the events which took place on March 14 in Mashtots Park. “On March 14, 2012 Armenian Police have held some actions which were directed to the protection of public discipline. Those actions were evaluated as bad but some NGOs, civil initiatives and representatives of parties.

Despite Armenian Police explained the legal base of the actions in the previous announcement but the media representatives spread different and opposite information about the event.

Armenian Police takes into consideration the opinion of the society even if it does not share those points of view. Armenian Police is ready to sit at the round table with the organizations which have already expressed their attitude towards the event, such as Armenian Human Right Defender’s office, “We are the masters of this city” initiative, “Institute of human rights and democracy”, “Trchkan”, “Our city” initiatives, representatives of ARF and “Heritage” parties and discuss all troubling issues”, Armenian Police offers.

The discussions will take place at March 17, at 16:30, at the building of Armenian Police. People who want to participate in the event may apply to the press service of Armenian police till March 17, 12:00.

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