G. Westerwelle: “Peace solution of NK issue must be found in frame of the OSCE MG”

Today Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandyan and German Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westerwelle held a meeting and after it they held a joint press-conference.

According to Edward Nalbandyan they discussed the issues of bilateral relations during the private meeting. “This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment the bilateral relations and we have managed to hold many important steps to strengthen cooperation. Now we have high level dialogue on political and economical spheres where we have 400 million USD volume of trade. But our potential is bigger and we can do more in this sphere”.

In his turn German MFA G. Westerwelle underlined that the 20th anniversary of the cooperation must be signed appropriately. “German Government is ready assist not only in economical development but also is ready to have a legal country”, German official underlined.

Referring to NK issue settlement German Minister of foreign Affairs noted that current status quo can not be permanent as it is an obstacle for the whole region.

“Settlement of the issue has a great meaning for Armenia. The compromising peace settlement must be found in frame of the OSCE MG. The approach of both sides is very important”, the Minister underlined.

Answering to the question whether he spoke about the unacceptability of the military announcements by Azerbaijan during his visit to Baku German diplomat said: “German Government is for the balance between the international principles of territorial integrity and nations’ self-determination. And we all try to find a peace solution”.

Speaking about the Iranian issue Westerwelle announced that Tehran might end the sanctions against itself if it provides clarification in nuclear programs.  

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