Newspapers today: women in “Rule of Law” are arguing

“Hraparak” newspaper writes that Robert Qocharyan is in Moscow now. It is not known why Qocharyan has left for Moscow. It is supposed that Vladimir Putin will welcome “Prosperous Armenia” convention today. According to the newspaper it is not excluded that Qocharyan managed it. First it was announced that Qocharyan would offer people to elect “Prosperous Armenia” party but then it was decided not to make such an announcement as it might damage “Prosperous Armenia” more.

“Yerkir” newspaper writes that the disagreements over the list are going in “Rule of Law” party. According to the newspaper this time the women are arguing. As it already known Heghine Bisharyan will be the first woman of the list. Now the struggle is for the second place. “Rule of Law” speaker Susana Abrahamyan is struggling against Bisharyan and their relations are too strained now. According to the newspaper Bisharyan wants her close friend to be the second woman in the list. “Yerkir” also writes that the pre-electoral debates will be more on TV channels as well.

“Zhamanak” newspaper informs that 977.552.500 AMD will be spent to organize the parliamentarian elections on 2012. 

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