A. Zaqaryan: “RPA lists includes various groups of the society”

“Yesterday Armenian Republican Party assured its pre-electoral staff and the group which will fulfill the development program for the coming five years”. RPA member Artak Zaqaryan announced about this during the meeting with journalists while speaking about the RPA proportional list today. Deputy added that various parts of the society are included in the RPA list.

“Republican Party is a massive party so it must present interests of various group of the society. The political activities are not unilateral so the political team must also include various groups”, RPA deputy said and noted that it is not important the number of the places but the involvement is important.

Artak Zakaryan also referred to the pre-electoral staff and hoped that all political forces would present competitive teams.

Answering to the question about General Manvel Grigoryan’s involvement in the list, RPA representative said: “I am sure that his presence will have a positive influence on our activities”.

  1. Zaqaryan also spoke about the Artsakh war settlement process and noted that the peace process is the only way for the conflict and which will let South Caucasus have long stability.  

“I will not say news if I say that Azerbaijan continues making destabilization announcements. They make military announcements and also violate cease-fire regime”, the deputy said and underlined the exclusive role of OSCE MG in the issue settlement.


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