Two more pre-electoral lists will be announced tomorrow

The proportional lists of the political parties before the Parliamentarian elections is the most discussed and interesting theme for the media representatives and politicians.

Armenian Republican Party and alliance of “Heritage” and “Free democrats” have already announced their proportional lists.

As was informed from the representative of Armenian Revolutionary Federation Armen Rostamyan ARF will present its proportional list tomorrow. He informed that the discussion has already taken place and it is already assured.

The deputy did not present any details from the list and even refused to publish the names of first ten candidates. “The list will be presented and you will see it tomorrow”, he noted.

He informed that new people would appear in the list as well.

Armenian Democratic Party also intends to present the list tomorrow. Leader of the party Aram Sargsyan informed about this

According to him 40-45 people will certainly be included in the list.

“Prosperous Armenia” and Armenian National Council do not say any date for the publication.

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