Georgian MFA does not see any danger in “creation of another independent country”

Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not see any danger in “creation of another independent country”. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nino Qalandadze announced about this meaning Javakhk and commenting on the announcement by “Javakhk Diaspora” NGO. The noted NGO acts in Russia and announced that Georgia’s participation in NATO will be bad for Armenia and as a result of it another “independent country” will be created. The announcement meant Javakhk in the context. Online Georgia web-site informs about this.

“It is difficult for me to comment on announcements by various people despite of the fact we know well what happens in every part of Georgia. Territories settled with the ethnic minorities are also under our consideration. WE have good relations with not only Armenia but also with the Armenians living in Georgia. We do not see any real problem here”, Qalandadze said.

Commenting on the announcement about Georgia’s participation in NATO Qalandadze noted that Armenia itself cooperated with NATO “and it is difficult to imagine why Armenians in Javakhk would be troubled with Georgian-NATO cooperation”.

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