K. Hakobyan : “My decision is bilateral“

“I consider myself  to be more public activist than politcian or partial activist, so I consider my decision of leaving the party is right ”.

Former secretary of “Heritage” party fraction Karine Hakobyan announced about her decision to leave the party officially today during the meeting with the journalists.  

“I must announce now that during these two years I have had many disagreements on strategic issues with the “Heritage” party. One of them was connected with the struggle against the opening of foreign language schools. The struggle should not start and end just by an announcement. It must become a beginning of the public consolidation and struggle”, K. Hakobyan said while speaking about the reasons of her resignation.

She noted that she was principal. “Leaving of the party proves it”.

According to K. Hakobyan the decision of leaving is bilateral as the logic of the party is unacceptable for her: secretary of the party fraction in NA appeared on the last places of the party’s pre-electoral list.  

“When I am told to keep farness, it means that I will leave and I leave. So this decision is bilateral”.

Referring to the joint list by “Heritage” and “Free democrats” parties K. Hakobyan said that many people in the party are dissatisfied with this decision, but they do not have enough courage to leave the political force.

“Many members are against and many of them complain but the difference between me and them is that they become known due to Raffi Hovhannisyan.”

According to the speaker the pre-electoral list must be based on the inner cadre politics of the party and everything must have its meaning.

“I am for the young people’s involvement in the politics but they must have their political attitude and must be known among the society. ”

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