B. Navasardyan: “Armenian Second channel and Public Radio behaved balanced concerning the political parties”

Head of the Yerevan media club Boris Navasardyan met journalists today and on the eve of the Parliamentarian elections presented the middle report of the Armenian broadcasting media monitoring.

“This round of the monitoring started since March 1 and the official pre-electoral propaganda term is also included”, B. Navasardyan said.

According to the speaker the monitoring is held by six national TV channels and those materials which are about the 13 parties which applied for the Parliamentarian elections are taken into consideration and are discussed.

“”Center” TV channel is the first which presented the most time to the domestic political affairs and partial actions, then “Armenian Second” channel comes and “Yerkir media” follows it. “Shant” TV channel paid less attention to the noted issues”, B. Navasardyan said.

Head of the Yerevan media club noted that “Shant” presented 15 times less time to the pre-electoral actions compared with “Center” TV channel.

As Boris Navasardyan noted RPA, ARF, “Prosperous Armenia”, “Heritage”, “Rule of Law” and Armenian National Congress were the main parties which were spoken out.

“RPA was first in Armenian First TV channel, in “Arm news” and “Armenia” TV channels”, the speaker said and added that ARF was discussed mostly by “Yerkir Media” and “Prosperous Armenia” got much time in “Center” TV channel.

The index presented by B. Navasardyan is mostly about the first ten days of March. According to him during this term Armenian Second channel and Public Radio behaved balanced concerning the parties.

B. Navasardyan explained that the owners of the TV channels decide the priorities of the political forces in their media.


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