Newspapers today: “Prosperous Armenia” list and the discussions over Mashtots Park

Chorrord inqnishkhanutyun” newspaper refers to the proportional list of “Prosperous Armenia” party which announced the first twenty names yesterday. “Name of the announcer of “Sketch” TV program by “Center” TV channel was not included in the list but former Minister of Foreign Affairs Tamara Poghosyan was included in the first twenty places. Some other young people who have changed their parties and have dirty political past also joint “Prosperous Armenia” party.”

According to the newspaper yesterday in the evening party held a lot to find out the places of the party members. Of course, the first ten people were not decided by this principle, the newspaper writes.

“Zhokhovurd” newspaper also discussed the list of “Prosperous Armenia” and writes: “Prosperous Armenia has published the first twenty names of the proportional list. Of course the list differs from the list published on 2007.”

As “Yerkir” writes RPA makes calculations. Young girl form the party informed the newspaper about it.  Head of the RPA fraction in the Parliament Galust Sahakyan told the newspaper that they were for the request which just asks whether the people must vote for the party or not. “I myself also claim the names of the people who will vote for the RPA,” he said.

As “Hayots Ashkharh” writes the round table which was organized by the Armenian Police about the Mashtots Park events was a useful discussion.

“The initiative of the discussion is welcomed”, the newspaper writes.

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