World known screenwriter Tonino Guerra dies

World-known writer, screenwriter Tonino Guerra was died today.

Tonino Guerra was born on 1920 in Ravenna. First he wrote several short stories, poetry and novels, and in 1956 his first screenplay “Man and Wolves” (co-written by Elio Petri) was directed by Giuseppe De Santis. Three years later he wrote the masterpiece, “L’Avventura”, which began his long collaboration with one of the greatest directors of all time Michelangelo Antonioni.

Tonino Guerra got Oscar nominations three times: for the Casanova 70 (1965), for Blow-Up (1966) by Antonioni and for Amarcord (1973) directed by Federico Fellini. He worked with many other masters such as Francesco Rosi on _Lucky Luciano (1974) and and Andrey Tarkovskiy on Nostalghia (1983).

Tonino Guerra was a poet and one of the busiest and the most important screenwriters of cinema who won Cannes Film Festival’s Best Screenplay award for the “Voyage to Cythera” by Theo Angelopoulos and received an honorary award of the Venice Film Festival.

Tonino Guerra was known to be a great fan of two persecuted film geniuses Andrey Tarkovskiy and Sergei Parajanov.

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