S. Ohanyan holds meetings in the USA: a statement is signed

On March 20 Armenian Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan had some meetings and discussions with Kansas officials whom he met in frame of his working visit to the USA. S. Ohanyan met Kansas national Guardia commander, General-Mayor Li Tafaneli, chairman of the state congress senate Morris and speaker of the House of the Representatives O’Nil. Press service of Armenian Ministry of Defense informs about this.

The US officials presented the educational process of the US military collage and the medical measures in the fields.

During the meeting with the Kansas Governor Sam Brownback the sides rated high level of the cooperation between Kansas and Armenia. Kansas Governor officially signed a statement of the cooperation, which especially says: “Kansas announced with proud about the achievements which cooperation between Armenia and Kansas has registered during the past nine years.

Kansas rates the high level of Armenian Armed Forces during the operations in Kosovo and Afghanistan jointly with American and NATO forces.

Kansas takes responsibility to deepen relations with Armenia and expand relations.

Kansas and Armenia are together for peace, welfare and freedom”.

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