“We are your friends” and “Freedom, justice, federation”: ARF announced its mottos

Leader of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Vahan Hovhannisyan held a press-conference today and spoke about the coming Parliamentarian elections in Armenia.

“Our list is the most succeed one and people included in our list are worthy to become the deputies most of all”, V. Hovahhanisyan announced. He added that the process of list creation claimed really much time as they used right tactic which must lead them to the victory.

“ARF list was created by the collegial decision. We have separated the responsibilities in order every people to have as much responsibilities as he can bear. We do not have the idea of the party leader in our party”, he underlined.

Speaking about the possible percents which the party can get at the elections the leader of the fraction did not manage to say exact number. “I think that our electors have realized that the lies and promises must not be trusted. The struggle will be really sharp and we have serious expectations”.

The journalists also asked R. Hovhannisyan why he or Armen Rostamyan did not present their candidacies by majority system as well. “Those who are on the first third places of the list they have another task. They must lead the list. If you are presented by majority, so you have another issue to settle and you are concentrated only on that exact electoral territory. But it needs much time”, V. Hovhannisyan considers.

The speaker also referred to the possibilities of the clashes after the elections. He said that he had no predictions on the theme.

Another speaker of the press-conference, second person in the ARF list Armen Rostamyan noted in his turn that ARF is led by the clear logic to fulfill some political aims.

“ARF aims to change the whole authorities and make systematic changes in our country”, he underlined.

The speakers also told the mottos of the ARF for the elections, which is “We are your friends” and “Freedom, justice, federation”.

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