S. Sargsyan about T. Guerra: “His works are always with us and are directed to the Eternity”

On March 21 Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan sent a letter of condolences on the occasion of death of Italian world-known screenwriter Tonino Guerra. Press service of Armenian President writes about this.

The letter directed to the artist’s family especially says:

“I have learnt about Tonino Guerra’s death with deep pain. We have lost one of the giants of the world cinematography. We have lost an artist whose works brought joy, happiness and kindness not only to native Italy, but also to the whole world. This Italian genius was a great friend of Armenians. His visits to Armenia have left their traces in the creative Armenian nations’ memory and soul. Armenia also excited great Tonino as much as he devoted his perfect poem to our country and nation.

Armenian nation expresses its deep condolences to you and your relatives and to the whole Italian nation. The loss is great and painful. Tonino Guerra’s genius works are the only consolation now. His works are always with us and are directed to the Eternity”.

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