Armenian newspapers today: public initiatives struggle for votes in Armenian and 4 families have settled in Qashatagh region

“Hayatsq”writes: “Convention of “Prosperous Armenia” party became an example for “Rule of Law” and they decided to celebrate their birthday some months earlier and fill the sport-concert complex.French UniversityinArmeniaand European educational complex academy were empty on that day and all people went to sport-concert complex. 5000 students and if we plus to it their relatives the sport-concert complex will be filled. ”

“Aravot”writes that a tent is situated in the Liberty Square of Ijevan town and it belongs to the public initiative “Vote is strength”. Members of the initiative Robert Khachatryan and Arsen Alikhanyan announced that they were from ARF party but at current situation they were representatives of the public initiative. They registered the names of the new members the new members signed but the indexes of their passports were not registered. The red tent of the initiative has been situated in Ijevan since March 16 and nearly 160 citizens have joint the initiative during 8 days.  As the R. Khachatryan and A. Alikhanyan announced many people approached them and announced that nothing would be changed inArmeniaby the elections and that they were waiting for the electoral bribe in any case.

“Zhokhovurd” writes that Robert Qocharyan’s visit toMoscowcauses various comments in the Armenian media. “And the conversations became more interesting when his speaker Victor Soghomonyan did not tell any details about Qocharyan’s tet-a-tet meeting with Vladimir Putin”, the newspaper underlines.

As  “Yerkir” newspaper writes during February 4 new families have settled in Qashatagh region, Artsakh. These four new families include 11 members. Some assistance is presented to the families. No one new family has settled at Shahumyan region during February. Note that 27 families have settled in Shahumyan region during last year and 219 families have settled at Qashatagh region.

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