Inquiry results : RPA and “Prosperous Armenia” are the leading political forces in Armenia

European Friends of Armenia (EFA) organization held an inquiry among the Armenian society concerning the elections and presented the results today during the meeting with the journalists. The research is named “Inquiry: pre-electoral image in Armenia”.

Before presenting the results head of the EFA Michael Comeback noted that the research was held independently and appropriate to the international principles. “We have used to the situation in Armenia when various inquiries are held before the election. But it is also important for us to hold a neutral inquiry. Of course we can not announce about the 100% confidence but one thing is for sure: these indexes are neutral”, he underlined.

According to the results of the inquiry all main political parties are now known better among the society. “Prosperous Armenia” is on the first place, when RPA comes. People now are better informed about the concrete political figures. “People knew S. Sargsyan’s name most of all, but now Gagik Tsarukyan has registered significant progress in this sphere. G. Tsarukyan has the public love among society, but if we ask about the Presidential candidates people prefer S. Sargsyan”, M. Comeback noted.  

According to the results of the researches if the elections took place just on coming Sunday, we would have the following image: “Prosperous Armenia” would get 41 % and RPA would get 37 %.  

“Prosperous Armenia has advanced position here but the difference between RPA and “Prosperous Armenia” is really little and we can not say for sure which party is the first. But we can say for sure that both parties are the leaders”, the speaker said and added that 64% of the inquired people said for sure that they would participate in the elections.  

According to M. Comeback uncertainty percent is really high and it is difficult to say which other parties will pass to the Parliament besides the noted two parties. According to their index ARF and ANC may get 5 % and “Heritage” may get 4 %.

“RPA supporters have voted for them also on 2007 and “Prosperous Armenian” supporters joint them on 2007-12. Those who voted for RPA on 2007 will vote for this force also now”, M. Comeback underlined.  He also noted that the inquired people considered that serous problems, such as Artsakh issue, unemployment, poverty, educational and healthcare problems can be solved by RPA and “Prosperous Armenia” the best. 

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