Pre-electoral passions over electoral territory No 7

Pre-electoral passions are very hot over Yerevan electoral territory No 7.

Armenian Republican Party presented the candidacy of the businessman and NA deputy Samvel Alexanyan. Non-partial candidate Vardan Vardanyan also presented his candidacy here. Yesterday editor in chief of “Haykakan zhamanak” (“Armenian times”) newspaper informed in his blog that he also has present his candidacy at Yerevan electoral territory No 7. Leader of the “Heritage” party Raffi Hovannisyan also presented his candidacy at the same territory which was surprise for N. Pashinyan.

ANC supporters and N. Pashinyan made some remarks over R. Hovhannisyan’s candidacy at the electoral territory No 7. Yesterday leader of the “Heritage” fraction at the NA Styopa Safaryan referred to those remarks in his Facebook page.

“I thought that the passions over this electoral territory should already come down but no, I see that some strictly “opposite” people even use the photo archive by Gagik Shamshyan and think that they are making blackmail against R. Hovhannisyan.

And I have remembered the last days when I had doubts where to present my candidacy. I did not know whether to present my candidacy at 1st or 2nd electoral territories as a part of my resources was at 1st territory and the 2nd was at the 2nd one. And Raffi Hovhannisyan told me that Vladimir Karapetyan from ANC presented his candidacy at 1st territory so I have chosen the second one. And now I see how a group which presents itself to be opposition now plays some games in this territory. They do not realize that they are wrecking themselves. No wrecking is a melt word, they just bury themselves”, S. Safaryan wrote.

In the continuation of the Facebook post S. Safaryan asks some questions to ANC members. Especially he asks where and whom they have supported as now they are claiming just and support from “Heritage” party. “When are you going to give your debts?” Safaryan asks. “Who has said which one is your electoral territory and we have no right to present our candidacy”?

Not only S. Safaryan but many other users of Facebook discuss this theme from various points of view and express their opinions. 

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