Armenian newspapers today: pre-electoral lists and “cheated” people

Iravunq” newspaper writes referring to the well-informed anonymous source that British Embassy in Armenia actively cooperates with all opposition political forces and aims to gather them at the same round table. British Embassy aims to create a united opposition coalition in the NA after the elections. According to the same source there are direct connections also with some representatives of authorities’ camps.  

“Haykakan zhamanak” writes: “Many people have been cheated by the political forces during these elections. Announcer of the “Center” TV channel Petros Ghazaryan is one of them and he presented the list of the “cheated”, which includes the following people:

  1. Petros Ghazaryan
  2. Andranik Tevanyan
  3. Menua Harutyunyan
  4. Armen Martirosyan
  5. Lilit Galstyan
  6. Yervand Bozoyan
  7. Ararat Zurabyan
  8. Larisa Alaverdyan
  9. Armenian nation.

The journalist forbade people without sense of humor and too deep analysts just do not read this list.”

“Yerkir” newspaper asked NA leader Samvel Nikoyan to tell his opinion about the image of the coming NA after the elections. “Let’s go to my room, we will drink a cup of coffee and then I will make predictions by looking at the cup”, S. Nikoyan offered.

As “Hayatsq” newspaper writes owner of “Grand tobacco” company Hrant Vardanyan will leave Armenia with his family soon. His sons Karen Michael Vardanyans were deputies in Armenian NA. One of them was from RPA party and the second was from ARF. Karen refused to toe become a deputy again. Yesterday it was known that elder son of Hrant Vardanyan also was not going to put his candidacy.  According to information two other people will be presented by Grand Tobacco. One of them is Susana Abrahamyan and the other’s name is Marina Marabyan. These two people are not known for the public.

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