R. Hovhannisyan is ready to take away his candidacy for N. Pashinyan

“When I offered my candidacy at the seventh electoral territory I did not know that there is ANC candidate as well”, head of the “Heritage” party Raffi Hovhannisyan told about this during the meeting with journalists today.

As haynews.am informs Hovhannisyan noted that he waited till the last minute to see the electoral territory where no alternative would exist and he would his candidacy there.

“Now it is time for all members of the opposition to sit down at the same table and decide to have only one united opposition candidate in every electoral territory.”

Answering to the question whether R. Hovhannisyan would take back is candidacy for N. Pahisnyan if it decided so in the discussions, the speaker answered: “Yes, of course, as always”.

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