R. Hovhannisyan: “If the elections passed fair “Heritage” will get 25 % of the votes”

Proportional list of the “Heritage” party must be considered to be a unity but not be discussed name by name. It provides complete unification for coming years. It provides freedom for Armenian person and representatives of various spheres are presented in our list. Head of the “Heritage” party Raffi Hovahhnisyan announced about this during the press-conference today.

According to the speaker the alternative for the future of Armenia is presented in their list and the power of the right is the main value here. R. Hovhannisyan also noted that the joint discussions created the list and it is false to consider that this is “Raffi’s list”. “If this was Raffi’s list Raffi would be on 21st place and young people would appear on the first places”, leader of the “Heritage” said and added that “Free democrats” have decided their places in the joint list.

R. Hovhannisyan also expressed confidence that if the elections passed fair “Heritage” will get 25 % of the votes.

“The elections will be unique this time as Armenian President and the leading party announce about this and I accept this announcement seriously as a citizen”, R. Hovahhanisyan said.

Leader of the “Heritage” party underlined that his party is ready to struggle and be the leader. “I announce with whole responsibility that our deputies will be at the NA next session”.

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