Ed. Nalbandyan: “France is the country which has an important role in NK issue settlement process in frame of the OSCE MG”

On March 23 Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandyan visited French Embassy in Armenia on occasion of 20th anniversary of Armenian-French diplomatic cooperation. Armenian Minister met students of the French-language based Universities of Armenia. Press and information department of the RA MFA informs about this.

Edward Nalbandyan congratulated the presents of the jubilee and noted. “Armenian-Frencg relations are based on the best traditions of the friendship of two nations and due to the joint efforts we managed to give a new breathe to our relations during these 20 years. High level political dialogue is established, many bilateral visits of the high level officials have taken place, strong cooperation on legal sphere is established, we have great ties between two Parliaments, economical ties are growing, French educational centers have their important role in Armenian educational system and French University in Armenia is the best example of it. Cultural ties started to develop greatly especially on 2006-2007 when Armenian year was marked in France. More that 1000 events devoted to Armenian culture were organized in French various cities.

Bilateral visits of President Serzh Sargsyan and Nicola Sarkozy last year symbolized the high level of 20-year cooperation. I would like to remind that both Presidents attended Charles Aznavour’s concert in France, Olympia hall which also was devoted to the 20th anniversary of Armenian independence and to the Armenian-French diplomatic relations”.

Armenian Ambassador to France underlined it his turn that Armenian-French relations are really warm and sensitive and Armenia is one of the unique countries which had its own place in French society.

During the meeting Armenian MFA Edward Nalbandyan and French Ambassador to Armenia Henry Reynaud answered to the questions by the students.

Answering to one of the questions Mr. Nalbandyan said: “France is the country which has an important role in NK issue settlement process in frame of the OSCE MG, France is a country which gave shelter to thousands of Armenians who were saved from the Genocide and became a second Motherland for them, France is the country which was the first to recognize Armenian Genocide by the force of the law, France is the country where the nation is sure that the denial of the crimes against humanity must be punished and I wish to express my deep gratitude for all these.”

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