Names of all candidates of the “Heritage” party are presented

After the joint list of the “Heritage” party and “Free democrats” party was presented to the Central Electoral Committee, press service of “Heritage” party sent the complete list of the candidates, which is presented here.

Majority list:

  1. Safaryan Styopa (1st el. territory), ”Heritage”, NA deputy
  2. Postanjyan Zaruhi (4th el. territory), ”Heritage”, NA deputy
  3. Martirosyan Armen (6th el. territory), ”Heritage”, NA deputy
  4. Raffi Hovhannisyan (7th el. territory), self-presentation
  5. Hakobyan Ruben (9th el. territory), ”Heritage”, politician
  6. Bakhchyan Anahit (12th el. territory), ”Heritage”, NA deputy
  7. Margaryan Gagik (21st el. territory), ”Heritage”, economist
  8. Sahakyan Garnik ( 30th el. territory), ”Heritage”, chemist

Proportional list

  1. Raffi Hovhannisyan
  2. Khachatur Qoqobelyan, Free democrats
  3. Zaruhi Postanjyan, Heritage
  4. Alik Arzumanyan, Free democrats
  5. Ruben Hakobyan, Heritage
  6. Tevan Pogosyan,non-partial
  7. Masis Ayvazyan, Free democrats
  8. Styopa Safaryan, Heritage
  9. Izabella Abgaryan, non-partial
  10. Arman Musheghyan, nonpartial
  11. Anush Sedrakyan, Free democrats
  12. Artak Ghazaryan, non-partial
  13. Garnik Sahakyan, Heritage
  14. Anahit Baghshyan, Heritage
  15. Hovhannes Ghazaryan, Free democrats
  16. Armen martirosyan, Heritage
  17. Arax Pogosyan, non-partial
  18. Karapet Rubinyan, nonpartial
  19. Hovsep Khurshudyan, Heritage
  20. Karen Karapetyan, Free democrats
  21. Arthur Pogosyan, Free democrats
  22. Armen Torosyan, Heritage
  23. Gagik Margaryan, Heritage
  24. Vahagn Ghazaryan, Free democrats
  25. Vardan Khachatryan, non-partial
  26. Christine Tamaryan, nonpartial
  27. George Lalayan, non-partial
  28. Artem Hovhannisyan, Heritage
  29. Harutyun Abrahamyan, non-partial,
  30. Davit Sanasaryan, Heritage
  31. Susanna Muradyan, Heritage
  32. Armen Araqelyan, Free democrats
  33. Susanna Barkhudaryan, Heritage
  34. Anahit Uzunyan, Heritage
  35. Volodyan Torosyan, Free democrats
  36. Vahagn Hovhannisyan, Heritage
  37. Armen Vanyan, Free democrats
  38. Stephan Hasanalalyan, Heritage
  39. Tigran Sargsyan, Heritage
  40. Tamara Pogosyan, Free democrats
  41. Larisa Alaverdyan, non-partial
  42. Arthur Harutyunyan, Heritage
  43. Vahan Mkhitaryan, Free democrats
  44. Radik Hovhannisyan, Heritage
  45. Karine Siradeghyan, Free democrats
  46. Edmond Yeganyan, Heritage
  47. Karapet Juharyan, Heritage
  48. Samvel Sargsyan, Heritage
  49. Vachagan Hakobya, Heritage
  50. Lusine Petrisyan, Heritage
  51. Yervand Zurabyan, Free democrats
  52. Ashot Khansanamyan, Free democrats
  53. Levon Shmavonyan, Free democrats
  54. Hambardzum Parsamyan, Free democrats
  55. Osik Movsisyan, Heritage
  56. Aram Muradyan, Free democrats
  57. Voskehat Isakhanyan, Heritage
  58. Armen Vardanyan, Free democrats
  59. Sergey Avalyan, Free democrats
  60. Hakob Smbatyan Heritage
  61. Mamikon Sayadyan, Heritage
  62. Lusine Yesayan, Free democrats
  63. Tigran Hakobyan, Free democrats
  64. Vardges Margaryan, Heritage
  65. Astghik Avetisyan, Free democrats
  66. Rubik Nersisyan, Heritage
  67. Norayr Movsisyan, Free democrats
  68. Asatur Isahakyan, Heritage
  69. Narek Yeranosyan, Heritage  
  70. Karine Avetisyan, Free democrats
  71. Davit Araqelyan, Free democrats
  72. Narek Ayvazyan, Free democrats
  73. Robert Shahbazyan, Heritage
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