Expert: “Armenian Community in Syria may give up its position but it will not be demolished”

Today at “Armat” press-club expert on Arabian countries Armen Petrosyan and politician Narek Galstyan met journalists and spoke about the situation in Syria, referred to the inner military clashes and their possible influence on the Armenians living in Syria. The speakers also referred to the security of Armenians in Syria.

“It is already a year that clashes in Syria are going on. First it was considered to be just a part of the Arabic Spring, but now as the experts say it has become a civil war and it has its negative influence on Armenian Community in Syria,” A. Petrosyan said.

According to him there are 70-80.000 Armenians. Two Armenians have already been killed in Syria and serious economical losses are also registered. Referring to the political crisis in Syria A. Petrosyan said: “The mine blasts are mainly directed to the security and military departments. It is also announced that the attacks are directed to the ethnic discrimination. Really, Armenian Community may give up its position but it will not be demolished.”

The expert also is sure that many soldiers and terrorists are taking part in the war unconsciously and they do not know the reasons and the aims of the war. “Such movements do not have democratic aims and the announcements about them are not true. Assad’s regime was really firm towards the neighboring countries and it is rather independent. So it is natural that some forces now use the opportunity to rebel,” A. Petrosyan underlined.

Politician N. Galstyan underlined in his turn that the outer world has great influence in Syrian events.

“Protection of Assad’s regime demands on the foreign involvement and if Russia did not assist it symbolically the situation would be more complicated. The foreign forces will also decide whether Assad will remain in his position or not”, the politician considers.

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