R. Hovhannisyan took his candidacy from the electoral territory No 7

Today head of the “Heritage” party Raffi Hovahannisyan attended meeting at the “POLITLOGOS” club of analytics and political predictions where the inner political situation of the country and pre-electoral situation was discussed today. During the discussion R. Hovhannisyan announced that he took his candidacy from the electoral territory No. 7.

R. Hovhannisyan informed that he had a meeting with ANC representatives and presented them the following offer: “Heritage” protects ANC candidates at 21 electoral territories and ANC protects candidates of “Heritage” party at 7 electoral territories. But according to the “Heritage” leader ANC denied this offer.

Remind that first of all deputy of National Assembly Samvel Alexanyan presented his candidacy at this electoral territory and Armenian Republican Party announced about the protection. After this Raffi Hovhannisyan and editor-in-chief of “Armenian time” newspaper Nikol Pashinyan also presented their candidacies at the same electoral territory.

N. Pashinyan announced that it was a great surprise for him when he learnt that R. Hovhannisyan has also presented his candidacy at the same electoral territory. “I will not keep it in secret it really was a surprise for me to see R. Hovhannisyan’s name in the candidates’ list”, ANC representative said.

R. Hovhannisyan noted in his turn during the press conference that he did not know about N. Pashinyan’s application just at the same electoral territory. He also announced about the readiness to take his candidacy for the NAC representative. “Now it is time for all opposition members to come together and decide the one candidate for all electoral territories”, announced R. Hovhannisan then.

Today “Heritage” leader also referred to some other issues. Especially, he said that he believed coning elections would be democratic. He noted that freedom, justice are not alien categories for our country. “”Heritage” party has a proportional list which includes representatives of two parties, young people, elders, ecologists, who present the whole image of the societ”, Hovhannisyan said. The speaker underlined that the list should have larger frame and he would be on the 20th place but they entered to the great field of practical and political calculations. “We will stand in front of society proudly as a united team. Five years ago we participated in the elections for the first time and “Heritage” won at Yerevan. We were one of the leaders”, Hovhannisyan said. He considers that not only the human elementary rights but also the national interest in the region must be presented and protected.

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